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Long Term Space Flight and Human Biosystem Antibodies – Deal Breaker or Is There a Solution?

Posted on September 30, 2018 in Uncategorized

NASA’s Astrobiological division certainly has some bugs to work out, literally with long-term human spaceflight. If we are going to create 100-years spaceship, and boldly travel to places that no human has ever been, then obviously we need to keep those humans alive for the duration of that trip. There are so many challenges involved it seems a bit overwhelming, but maybe it’s not, maybe we just aren’t thinking this through properly. Yes, we have the best minds in the business working on it, but maybe they aren’t thinking outside the box anymore.

Now then, there are those that work in NASA and have been working on these things for decades, and that last statement might almost be a slap in the face to their hard work. I don’t doubt for a second that they have learned all kinds of wonderful things, things which have not only helped the space program, but things which are also saving lives here on earth in the healthcare industry. Any time we do this sort of research, we learn more about the human body, and the human biosystem.

There was an interesting article in SpaceDaily – Your Portal to Space” which was filed under the category of; Space Medicine, and article was titled; “Antibody Production Gets Confused During Long-Term Spaceflight,” by Staff Writers in Bethesda, MD published on May 20, 2011. The article stated;

“Antibodies produced in space are less effective than those produced on terra firma. Reduced effectiveness of antibodies makes astronauts more susceptible to illness, while increasing the danger posed by bacteria and viruses likely to coexist with wayfaring astronauts.”

Obviously, a weakened immune system is a real problem in space, much more than it is here on Earth. What the researchers found was that “the antibodies generated by the group immunized in space was decreased. The spaceflight conditions alter the immune system and its ability to protect against infections and tumors, posing a serious risk for astronauts.”

Okay so, let me throw out some thoughts here if I might specifically, “WHAT IF” – yes, I know big words, but what if the anti-body production in long-term space flight had to do with light, circadian rhythm, and the Earth’s frequency? What if those exact conditions were exactly mimicked during long term space flight, along with some artificial gravity scheme?

Yes, these are the questions I believe we need to address when it comes to long-term space flight. Most are, but when it comes to this particular problem, it seems these are things we should be asking ourselves.

What about the human innate evolutionary bonding to the extremely low frequencies of planet Earth, the planet has a specific resonance too. Surely, the human biosystem along with all its symbiotic relationships will work better and correctly if they are shielded from the radiation and have available the optimized conditions they’ve evolved with. Please consider all this and think on it, let’s get this problem solved so we can von voyage to distant stars.